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MaxxFitness Commercial Spotlight

Imagine Stand-Up Paddleboards

At MaxxFitness we’re excited about a new feature that we have added to our website, we are going to highlight either a new State-of-the Art piece or line of Fitness Equipment that we are now offering or we will feature a Residential & Commercial Facility that we have installed, along with customer testimonials and pictures of their facilities-so that we can provide you with a better opportunity to experience the quality of our Equipment and Service. Our goal at MaxxFitness is not to just sell you another piece of equipment that you or your customers & guests won't use-just for the sake of a sale.  Our goal is to build  long lasting relationships and to help you find the equipment that will allow you to meet your fitness goals and needs, and to meet your budgetary needs, as well! We have many, many customers that we have been blessed to work with for almost 20 years and our relationships keep getting stronger!

In this segment, I wanted to feature a couple of new product lines that are part of an additional direction that we are expanding into. For those of us who have been working out for a long time, we know that the same old routines day in & day out can become both mundane & unproductive. So at MaxxFitness, we strive to look for new & innovative ideas-to "keep us all in the game". One of the directions that we are moving toward is a new campaign-to "Take It Outside" w/ MaxxFitness. Ovwe 2 years ago, we were the first in the state of SC to offfer the all new ElliptiGO Outdoor Elliptical Bikes and now, in that same vain-we are offering Imagine Stand-Up Paddleboards. These paddleboards offer great core and upper body strength toning, cardivascular conditioning and are fun & relaxing as well! We currently offer 3 different models-to cover a variety of experience & need-COME TRY ONE TODAY!



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